Winter Boat Maintenance In Victoria Bc

Why Winter is a Prime Time For Boat Upkeep
Here are some things to do to prepare for next summer, before the rush hits.

Winter on Vancouver Island is not as dark and dreary as it is for our neighbours, but it is usually cold enough to cut into our boating season while the wind and rain ravage our shores. Some boating enthusiasts, come end of boating season, store their boats away with a plan to do upkeep and maintenance next time they need them. This approach, however, presents some real and serious difficulties and drawbacks.

Decaying Damage

The first thing to think of is the the decay factor. Of course you will wrap your boat up and store it sensibly, possibly at an indoor facility, but if you’re not careful about checking and cleaning (and repairing) anything that needs it, you can find even more serious deterioration, or problems, come next time you set to go out. Be sure to thoroughly spray all salt and debris from the hull and give it a really good drying before you wrap it up. Salt will eat away at the hull while it is stored away, and trapped water will give you an awful mold smell when you unwrap it come summer.

Winter: Perfect Time for Tint

Marine window tinting really is a must have. By reducing the amount of heat coming into your cabin, you can reduce the need for fans and air conditioning. This means you increase your efficiency which will reduce your overall fuel costs.

The thing about marine tinting is that each boat is different, so the films are custom cut by hand by people like us. This takes some time as well as some planning, so it is not the best thing to do when your boat is in heavy use. When you bring it in for the winter it is so easy to bring it by the shop for a custom tint or paint protection package. We get it done in a jiffy, and then when you unwrap it in the summer it feel a bit like Christmas morning.

Replacement Parts/Maintenance

If something needs replacing and you let it go till next boating season, the part you need may not be immediately available. You might be disappointed that the trip you wanted to take can’t be taken. When something mechanical isn’t working, and it’s being shipped by freighter from somewhere thousands of miles away, it can be an awfully long wait if the sun is out and your family is wanting to hit the water. Get your orders in before the winter and be ready to go for the spring.

Looking for a list of mechanical maintenance to perform when you bring your boat in for the summer? Check it out right here.

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