Protect Your Boat

Protecting Your Vessel is Step 1
Protecting your family and your cargo, that is step 2

Boats big and small represent a tremendous investment of time and money, and they can take a beating from two types of waves: those on the surface of the water and those bearing down from the sun.

A new bass boat can cost $30,000, and even relatively modest cabin cruisers can exceed $200,000. And as any boat owner knows, a substantial investment of time is required to clean and maintain boats after an otherwise enjoyable day on the water.

The lush interiors of some new cruisers are especially prone to sun damage, which can be compounded by the reflective nature of the water on which they ride. Diversity Marine Films offers innovative ways to protect your marine investment, just as it can protect your home and office from harmful sunlight.

Tinting your boat’s windows can protect its interior vinyl, carpets and leather, as well as keep your air conditioning functioning more efficiently, saving the cooling system – and lots of expensive fuel in the process. It also protects your electronics, both on the bridge and below decks.

Your Most Precious Cargo

Your most precious cargo – your passengers – can also fully escape the beating rays of the sun during an outing on a sizzling summer day. The window tint reduces harmful UV light by nearly 100 percent, allowing them to take a breather from broiling while still enjoying views of the water. And should a collision occur, our window tints and film can hold glass together, preventing lacerations from flying glass.

Captains of smaller boats can also benefit from our tinting services. The glare from the water can be brutal, especially on extended summer fishing trips. A tinted windscreen reduces that glare, protecting your eyes – and skin – even underneath a Bimini top. It’ll be easier to both pilot your craft and keep an eye on your fish-finder if you take advantage of our marine tinting services.

And even at night, it can serve a valuable purpose: Night-time navigation is dangerous enough without contending from the glare of other passing vessels or bright lights from the shore.

So before you hit the water this summer, contact Diversity Marine Films. We would love to answer your questions and help you come up with a marine light management plan.

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