Things To Do To Your Boat Today

Loving Your Vessel
Four things to do to your boat today.

The pleasures of boating are accessible to more and more Canadians. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, in 2016 43% of Canadians went boating and over 8.6 million boats were registered by Canadians. Water sports are growing in popularity and for a large number of people the only way into the game is to purchase a pre-owned vessel. Nothing’s wrong with buying a second-hand boat, but we encourage you to stay on top of the maintenance to prolong the beauty, usefulness and life of your vessel.

We’re boaters too, and we take our friends and families out on the water as often as possible. It’s important to maintain and upgrade your boat in order to keep it in reliable running condition but also to improve the boating experience from one season to the next.

From our shop to you, here are four things that will improve your boating experience:

Have it cleaned

Like a cabin that’s been shut up over the winter, readying your boat for summer is more than flicking on the lights and opening the blinds. Professionally cleaning and thoroughly detailing your boat after being docked for over the winter will eliminate salt buildup and corrosion that can damage vital mechanical and electrical components.

Have it inspected

Inspecting your boat before taking it out can be a DIY project or engage the eyes of a professional. Weather, temperature and moisture can have a profound effect on your boats engine, hull and electrical components over the winter months so it’s important to have these items inspected before you hit the water again. Check for any visible oil leaks, the condition of hoses and clamps, battery water level, fuses and wiring. Change the fuel filters, engine zincs and coolant.

Have it tinted

Escaping from the sun to the space inside your cabin after a long day on the water should be relaxing, and with the addition of window tint, you will have legitimate protection from UV rays. Window tint also eliminates glare, regulates the temperature and keeps your family and guests safe from damaging UV rays.

Have it upgraded

Avid boaters eventually personalize their vessel to make the boating experience more fun. Installing a marine-grade stereo, lighting, GPS tracking, navigation, and back-up camera systems are just a few of the options that will enhance your experience and also up the eventual resale value of your boat. Make sure you get marine grade electronics. These are built to marine specifications to withstand salt and corrosion.

Cleaning, inspecting, upgrading and tinting your boat to a marine standard is a great way to enhance your boating experience, protect your vessel and your investment. To find out more, contact Diversity today. Our marine experts will even come to your dock.

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