Edge XP Ceramic Films
Terrific Performance ~ Entry Level Price

Who should use our Edge XP Ceramic Films? People who are on a budget but are looking for heat rejection, heat retention, and UV blocking along with a 100% lifetime warranty. Great for first time boat owners and casual boatsmen.

Edge XP Ceramic Films offer tremendous solar heat rejection numbers as well as 99% UV rejection. These are very important performance indicators for a solar film because it means increased comfort for your occupants, while increasing efficiency and fuel consumption at the same time. Why would people pay more for our Titanium Nitride Window Films? Because they are able to achieve the same numbers or higher, but at a much lighter tint level. The heat rejection you get from Edge XP Films at a 5% (or “limousine” tint) is achievable at a much lighter 30% tint using our premium films.

Edge XP Films
/ sq foot
  • Guaranteed Not to Fade
  • Multiple Shades Available
  • No Radio Interference
  • Great Colour Match
  • Expert Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty

Key Performance Indicators
Edge XP Ceramic Films, By The Numbers

One thing to know about Diversity Marine Films is that we only carry extremely high quality window films. When it comes to marine tinting you really can’t mess around with cheap dyed films; When exposed to the ocean air and sea spray they will just corrode and rust, leaving you with an awful finished product. This means that even our least expensive films, Edge XP Films, are a higher quality product than you will find at the majority of tint shops. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction above all else, and having a range of products to meet your needs and your budget is paramount.

The difference between Edge XP and our premium Titanium Nitride Ceramic films is the performance you get at each shade level. Reaching 60% heat rejection using a less expensive film means you need to go VERY dark, instead of achieving the same level of heat rejection at a lighter shade with Titanium films.

As you consider the benefits of Edge XM Marine Films, keep in mind that you will be getting so much more than the price implies. Along with the improved appearance of your boat you will also enjoy increased privacy for yourself and your family. Glare reduction in the height of summer will make navigating safer and easier, and the blocking of 99% of UV rays will keep your family safe and give you the ultimate peace of mind.

Since fuel consumption is one of the biggest costs of boat ownership, heat rejection & retention are one way that the investment in window films will be a net positive over the life of your boat ownership. By increasing efficiency and reducing the need for heating and cooling, you will increase your fuel economy and save a fortune at the pump. Combine that with the increase safety you will enjoy, and you quickly realize how sound an investment window films will be.

Heat Rejection up to 66%
Corrosion Proof 90%
Visible Light Transmission up to 50%
Glare Reduction up to 92%
UV Light Rejection 99%

Frequently Asked Questions

Broadly speaking, it could take anywhere from one day to a week to tint an entire vessel. This is mainly dependent on the size and shape of your windows and how much total square footage we will be covering. When you contact us to make your first inquiry we will be able to give a much more precise ballpark on the time requirement. Just send us a note with some details about your boat and we will get back to you ASAP.

Yes you do. Because we tint for both dealerships and individual clients we are usually booking about a week in advance for appointments. Some times in the year you can get in sooner, but just give us a call and we can let you know right away.

Our contact form allows you to tell us your boat’s make and model so we can give you an exact quote at the same time as booking your appointment.

We use advanced nano-ceramic films from the Hüper Optik product line. Using these films provides you with a lifetime warranty and they are guaranteed to never corrode, no matter how harsh the environment. We stand behind our products and our services with our satisfaction guarantee.

The only time there is an extra charge beyond the price per square foot is if you require old window films to be removed before your installation. Tint removal is completed at a flat rate of $80 per hour.